Frontpoint Security Review

Frontpoint Security Review

Frontpoint Security is a company that specializes in do it yourself home security systems and home automation. They offer the most comprehensive products and services and have been hailed number one when it comes to home automation solutions. They are dedicated to providing the best services to their customers and in fact, they have tutorial videos and eBooks on their website in order to guide customers when it comes to using their products and services.

Monitoring Services

Frontpoint offers the best monitoring services in the industry of home security. Their most basic plan comes with burglar and intrusion monitoring products, including environmental, fire, as well as medical pendants. Such features help to protect your home in case of an emergency, whether you are inside or traveling far away. What’s even great is that these monitoring packages are being offered at reasonably low prices.

Frontpoint also provides interactive monitoring and is currently considered as the most popular of all the home security packages that they are offering. This type of monitoring service comes with protection options along with some few benefits. For instance, the plan allows you to access the home security system remotely and check the status as well. It also gives users the option to manage it and customize the settings.


Depending on the configuration that you prefer for your home security equipment, Frontpoint can alert you if in case an intruder would attempt to get inside your home. If you need devices for fire protection, Frontpoint is also well capable of offering smoke and heat alerts. They also offer alerts for environmental hazards that include flooding, temperature change, as well as carbon monoxide detection. The company has worked hard to implement redundancy safeguards in order to ensure that the system will remain operational in the event of power outage.

Equipment and Security Devices             

Frontpoint makes use of wireless equipment and gives you a chance to customize the system in order to include as many devices as possible. When it comes to home intrusion protection, you can have security cameras as well as window and door sensors. You can also have sensors for your garage door, windows, etc. There are certainly a wide variety of choices available for you when you choose Frontpoint as your provider for your home security needs.

Help and Support

Frontpoint is also known for providing the most excellent services to their customers. You can easily reach them online and they will be more than happy to assist you with whatever concerns you may have. As mentioned, their website also comes with eBooks and videos which you can find really useful when it comes to using their home security products and services. You can also reach them via phone, live chat and email.


Frontpoint Security is certainly a great choice of company if you need high quality home security monitoring equipment. They have a wide range of products and services that can help to provide utmost protection to your home and to your family as well. Click here to learn more about them.